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Your Chicago Business 
Center Provides:

  • Business License, Public Way Use Permit, and City Resources Support

  • Business funding (debt and/or non-debt) resources especially to those who have historically lacked access to banks and capital networks

  • Professional development and specialized, sector-specific, business resources

Neighborhood Business Development Center
Assists With:

  • Getting a new small business started

  • Troubleshooting City-related issues for small businesses

  • Connecting businesses to financial resources

  • Business-to-business networking opportunities

  • Employment and workforce development assistance

  • Connecting your business to the local community

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Your Chicago Corridor Management Services:

  • Leading local business attractions and retention strategies

  • Identify needs and opportunities for public and private investment through monthly corridor roundtables.

  • Inform property owners about City economic development programs

  • Market underutilized and vacant land

  • Help City agencies implement infrastructure and cultural enhancements

SBA Services Includes:

  • Grant Application Assistance

  • Financial Assistance

  • Credit Counseling 

  • Community Outreach

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