We host our monthly meeting every fourth Friday of the month at the Sankofa Cultural Arts and Business Center 5820  W. Chicago Ave from 9:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. those interested in business are welcome
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The Austin Community resource book is scheduled to be out in February just in time for black history month.

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Through networking, we come together in an attempt to fulfill our moral, mental and community obligations, and in the hope that our joint effort can only serve to enhance and ultimately benefit the total community at large.


Welcome to the Austin African American Business Networking Association, Inc.
The Austin African American Business Networking Association Inc. is a non-for profit corporation established under the laws  of the great State of Illinois.

Our Mission:

To create African-American Business growth through networking.  To provide nurturing and support for emerging and existing businesses. 

Our History:

The Austin African American Business Networking Association was formed in the summer of 2003 by local  business owners who are proud of their African American heritage and felt a  need to pool our resources  to bring about  a unified and effective voice for the Austin communities majority African American community.

The AAABNA understands that the Austin Community is:

  • The largest concentration of African- Americans in the city of Chicago
  • One of the largest geographic communities in Chicago
  • The "gateway" to the city of Chicago